Architect Colorado Interview 2

by Sean O'Hara on June 2, 2008

I had my interview today with Chryss Cada, a freelance journalist writing an article on firm owner experiences with newer firms. As it turns out this is one of her first experiences writing about architects and I was her first interview for this article so I tried to spend some time lending perspective. One of her best questions was asking how I define success for the firm. I really think that it is achievement of the goals that we set for ourselves. More specifically I came up with goals of client satisfaction and potential for repeat work, growth and strength of the staff, job satisfaction and development for the staff, industry recognition and reasonable financial success.

As with all articles I’ll be very interested to see how I end up being quoted along with what angle she ends up taking. I offered to have a follow up after she talks to the other architects and lend any additional perspective. or just clarify what I said.


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