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Denver Highlands Area Remodel

by Anthony Ries October 1, 2015
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Last summer we submitted demo and permit drawings on a remodel project in the Highlands area. The home was originally built in 1927 and was around 906 square feet. The main level was decent and had fairly high ceilings. This is obviously not a Frank Lloyd Wright […]

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An EVstudio Architect Designs a Custom Home. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.

by Anthony Ries September 19, 2015
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Hiring an architect to design your dream home or other project can be a daunting proposition. EVstudio has purposely developed over the years with a couple simple goals in mind. One is great design and the second is to reduce the complications of designing a […]

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Considerations of Fly Ash in Concrete.

by Anthony Ries August 26, 2015

Fly ash is becoming more popular as a substitute for cement in concrete. The Federal government has been allowing and encouraging its use for quite some time. It was actually used extensively in the construction of the Hoover dam. Another less known fact is that […]

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Great City Views from a Custom Home

by Anthony Ries August 17, 2015
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One of the great perks to building a home in the mountains is the great view of the surrounding mountains or valleys. Another view that is often over-looked is the fantastic view of the Denver metro area that is available on the right site. A […]

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Progress Update on Modern Home in the Mountains

by Anthony Ries August 17, 2015
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One of the greatest parts of being an architect or engineer is seeing a building come out of the ground. I recently toured a modern home project of ours which is under construction. This view is from the southwest corner of the home. The main […]

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The Components of Solar Hot Water – Collectors and Circulation

by Anthony Ries August 15, 2015

In the world of solar hot water there are many names for systems that are identical or do similar things. It is important to know the basics and general components of any system one is working with. Once the basics are understood and mastered then […]

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The Six Components of Successful Daylighting Part III

by Anthony Ries August 14, 2015

Presented today are the last two components of successful daylighting: Integrate the daylighting scheme into the architecture Integrate the daylighting scheme with building systems These final two points remind us that architecture is synergistic, that is it becomes more than the sum of its parts. […]

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Constructing Walls in Revit

by Anthony Ries August 4, 2015

Revit Architecture has a fairly robust system for placing and designing walls. The first important step in the process is selecting the type of wall that needs to be placed.  A bunch of typical wall types are included ‘out of the box’. For instance, I […]

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Two at EVstudio quoted in Eco-Structure Magazine

by Anthony Ries July 31, 2015

Our very own Anthony J. Ries, AIA, LEED BD+C and Lisa A. Barter, RA, NCIDQ, LEED AP were recently interviewed for an article on Tubular Daylighting Devices. Their expertise in the area of daylighting coupled with prior articles written for brought the attention of magazine. The […]

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Progress on Mountain Modern Home

by Anthony Ries July 23, 2015
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It is always nice to see continual progress made on projects. Below is an image showing the bulk of the framing complete. Soon the large exposed beam with the LVL in the foreground perpendicular to it will have additional framing to create the roof cantilever. […]

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2 a-Penny, 4 a-Penny, 6 a-Penny Nails

by Anthony Ries July 6, 2015

Nails are a very common fastener in most any construction project. Over the years nails have become very specialized. As such, there are all kinds of words to describe nails such as: Box, Bright, Casing, Coated, Common, Duplex, Drywall, Finish, Galvanized, Head, Helix, Spike. The […]

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Don’t Just Build! Get a Building Permit

by Anthony Ries May 27, 2015

We’ve talked about it before yet it bears repeating. Make sure you get a permit before you pound the first nail! We have a client who is looking at an existing retail location in a multi-unit building that used to be a dry cleaner. Between […]

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