Jonathan Locke

Asphalt or Plastic Roadways?

by Jonathan Locke November 29, 2017
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Coming from Oklahoma, I know bad roads. Our largely expansive soils and icy winters cause our asphalt pavements to look like swiss cheese. Driving a moped is out of the question. All around the country our roads are in major need of repair and very […]

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Horizontal Vs Diagonal Decking

by Jonathan Locke November 14, 2017
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When beginning a deck project, you traditionally have two options when going to with decking. Horizontal or diagonal decking.  Each have their pros and cons that I am going to go through. Horizontal decking is largely the most popular choice for wood framed decks due […]

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What Is The World’s Furthest Leaning Tower?

by Jonathan Locke September 28, 2017
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                The Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi is the furthest leaning tower in the world.  How far does it lean? Let’s look at the universally known Leaning Tower of Pisa for comparison.  It leans at 3.97 degrees, which […]

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Twisted Steel Micro Rebar (TSMR)-The Future of Concrete Reinforcement

by Jonathan Locke August 23, 2017
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We are all familiar with the typical rebar used in concrete reinforcement applications, but many have never heard of Helix steel, or twisted steel micro rebar (TSMR). Micro rebar is roughly 1” long by .02in in diameter. Due to its patented twisted geometry, Helix greatly […]

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