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Cool Roofs with Membrane Roofing

by Maciek Gesikowski March 29, 2019
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Roofing material choices may be one of the leading contributors to urban heat island effect in addition to surface paving materials. Light colored roofing materials including Single Ply Roofing can aid with heat deflected from buildings, and therefore reduce building cooling loads.  Single Ply Roofing […]

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Basic Stucco Overview

by Maciek Gesikowski February 15, 2019
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There are basically two types of stucco products and two stucco systems: Traditional vs Acrylic Stucco:   Traditional Stucco: Consists of cement, silica sand and lime. Traditional stucco comes in bags and is typically 1/5 of cost of the Acrylic stucco.  There are virtually unlimited amounts […]

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Urban Chickens, Yes, Really!

by Maciek Gesikowski February 8, 2019
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URBAN CHICKENS, YES REALLY! With today’s culture, many of us choose modern design and uber hip lifestyles.   We try to eat healthy and shop for good foods as well as choose to live in the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Denver’s urban landscape.  Some of us like […]

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Simply Paint? …..High Performance Coatings

by Maciek Gesikowski February 8, 2019
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High Performance Coatings: What are high performance coatings?  Most of us do not know the difference between coatings applied in a house versus high traffic / high wear coatings applied in places like schools and recreation areas or light industrial spaces. Coatings typically serve two […]

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Insulating Structures to Meet Current Code Requirements

by Maciek Gesikowski January 29, 2019
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Progression in building technology and more stringent energy code standards are inevitable as our society moves forward.  In addition, current energy costs may steadily increase in the future as alternative energy sources will take time to do develop.  With cost in mind, making buildings more […]

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Window Thermal Performance

by Maciek Gesikowski January 29, 2019
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Image courtesy of Zola European Windows Window functionality and performance can be measured on many levels.  The first that comes to mind is thermal performance, then quality of light and design aesthetic. In this article we will focus on thermal performance. Windows can definitely play […]

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The 2030 Challenge

by Maciek Gesikowski November 30, 2018
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2030 Challenge: Buildings are a major producer of fossil fuel by-products including CO2 and other green house gases. In response to this hot issue, the architectural community has issued a 2030 challenge to the entire construction community with targets as described below: • All new […]

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Structural Engineering for Lennar Homes in Colorado

by Maciek Gesikowski September 29, 2018
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EVstudio has been providing structural engineering services to Lennar Homes for over two years now and is currently working on seven of Lennar Homes subdivisions including Stonewater in Windsor, Colorado, Meadows in Castle Rock, Homestead in Parker and Sierra Ridge Grand Collection Series of homes […]

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PUREeWall Building Systems by Covestro- Innovative Residential Solutions

by Maciek Gesikowski February 1, 2018

EVstudio residential Structural team has recently provided services to a few of our large-scale home building clients with structural services for PureWall system homes. Although at this stage they are sample/trial homes, the system will allow the home builder to cut cost and build faster. […]

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Waterproofing Exterior Wood Products

by Maciek Gesikowski July 9, 2015
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Waterproofing Exterior Wood Products: Building a wood deck can be expensive, so its important how you seal and maintain your deck or any exterior wood product. It will make an immense difference in whether the product will look great and last a long time, or […]

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Wood and Environmental Product Declarations or “EPDs”

by Maciek Gesikowski April 20, 2015

Environmental Product Declarations or (EPDs) are product environmental reports produced by independent verifiers.  EPDs, cover all areas of products ranging from building materials to cars to electronics.  With commercial wood products, EPDs are used to help determine which products are the most environmentally friendly and […]

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Geared Security Hinges

by Maciek Gesikowski March 31, 2015
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Geared Security Hinges: If you’ve ever wondered how to hang a door with a hinge on the exterior side of the door that will also protect from forced entry, a geared hinge is your solution.  Geared hinges are super light since they are extruded from […]

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