2018 ENR Colorado/Wyoming Top Design Firm Award

by Eva Pearce June 19, 2018

Results are in, and EVstudio has won a spot in the 2018 ENR Colorado/Wyoming Top Design Firm award category.  EVstudio has jumped from 52 out of 500 in 2017 to #48 out of 500 in the award line-up. We are humbled to be recognized as […]

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Construction Cost per Square Foot for Junior High Schools

by Dean Dalvit June 18, 2018
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In a continued effort to keep our readers informed of the most current construction cost trends on projects that EVstudio has experience in, below is the 2013 cost data from RSMeans, the industry leader in construction cost estimating. These costs are for the completed, finished  building […]

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EVstudio will acquire your Architecture or Engineering Firm

by Sean O'Hara June 18, 2018

As you probably know, EVstudio has grown a lot in the last few years. We have several offices and cover every significant discipline for the design of land and buildings. We plan to continue this growth both organically and through continued merger and acquisition. We […]

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Structural Engineers and BIM

by Jim Houlette June 18, 2018

I was reading an interesting poll on gostructural.com about how many structural engineers use BIM on their projects. One poll asked engineers to consider their last three projects and of those which used BIM The results were: All three projects used BIM: 18% Two of […]

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ACE: Investing in the Future

by Samantha Coleman June 18, 2018

Investing in the Future- ACE Mentor Program of America How many times have you heard a contractor, builder or engineering firm say that they don’t have enough skilled workers? In today’s growing construction economy we are hearing this common complaint over and over. There are […]

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Urban Street Trees: Root Barrier

by EVstudio AEP June 15, 2018

In an urban environment, street trees are considered a necessity, but sometimes a nuisance. There are a series of considerations that should be made when incorporating street trees into the urban framework. Root Barrier: What is the most common nuisance in our historic neighborhoods in regards […]

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EVstudio Has the Building Professionals You Need

by EVstudio AEP June 15, 2018

At any given time we have a large number of projects under construction. During the construction phase of a project questions invariably arise. That is the nature of the work, whether new, or more frequently, renovation work. At times those questions are best answered by […]

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Construction Update: Koelbel City Homes at Lincoln Park

by Katelyn Wager June 15, 2018

EVstudio is ecstatic to be a part of one of Koelbel Urban Homes’ most exciting new developments: City Homes at Lincoln Park.  Our architectural, structural, civil, and mechanical teams have all had a helping hand in bringing KUH’s vision for two unique properties in downtown […]

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Land Surveying with GPS

by EVstudio AEP May 29, 2018

Although surveying with GPS can sometimes be frustrating with the lack of signal coverage, it is hands down the quickest and most efficient way to survey when it is working. When we use GPS, we tie into an established (and growing) cell network that has […]

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This or That #2: Soffit vs. Eave

by Matt Svoboda May 29, 2018

These two architectural terms are often used interchangeably and it’s understandable since two people pointing out the soffits and eaves on a house, let’s say, may appear to pointing to the same thing.  So what’s the difference? In this corner: an eave is the lowest […]

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Blackpoint – The Future of Residential Options

by Samantha Coleman May 29, 2018

Blackpoint: Putting the Pieces Together Production homes are popping up everywhere as the Denver housing market continues to charge forward akin to many growing cities across the country. But with costs continuing to rise due to high demand, labor shortages, land availability and more; how […]

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The Exciting Future of Self-Healing Materials

by EVstudio AEP May 11, 2018
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No other material in the world is used in construction more than concrete, and as the developing world keeps its accelerating growth the demand will increase.  As one of the oldest construction materials in the world, there has been a lot of innovation in mixtures […]

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