10 Good Questions to Ask When Planning an Indoor Agricultural Grow House

by Bill Foster November 11, 2015

As you might know, there is a big growth in Indoor Agriculture in Colorado. If you’re planning one, these are the top ten questions that you’ll want to ask: Are there any existing drawings of your facility?  You will almost certainly need a building permit […]

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NCARB Certificate and Architects, What Does it Mean

by Sean O'Hara November 6, 2015

One of the more important qualifications on my architectural resume is having an NCARB Certificate. But what exactly is an NCARB certificate, who needs one and how do you get one? NCARB is the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. NCARB is a non-profit federation […]

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EVstudio High-end Single Family Design in 15 Minutes

by Rich Muller October 22, 2015
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INT. ARCHITECTURE OFFICE – MORNING A bustling architecture firm in Denver’s Golden Triangle District is filled with the hum of telephones ringing, architect’s discussing projects, and the constant pinging of email and skype chimes. DISSOLVE TO: INT. ARCHITECTURE OFFICE – CREATIVE DIRECTOR’S OFFICE -  11:00am […]

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Links from to Your Website

by Sean O'Hara October 1, 2015

With the increasing number of link requests that we get from Consultants, Clients, Engineers, Contractors and Builders, I thought it would be useful to explain how to get to link to your website. First, an important distinction, generally speaking our domain does not […]

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Give Your Architect Too Much Information

by Sean O'Hara October 1, 2015
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When I meet with new clients about their projects, about half the time they apologize because they feel they are giving me too much information. I tell them “don’t apologize, I’d rather have way too much information than not enough information”. So, if in doubt, […]

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Interior Renovation at Ricks Center for Gifted Children

by Sean O'Hara October 1, 2015
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In 2011 EVstudio designed an interior remodel project for the Ricks Center for Gifted Children. Ricks is a school for children from 3 years old to 8th grade and is located at the University of Denver. The original design was a great starting point and […]

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Is it More Cost Effective to Build Up or Build Out?

by Sean O'Hara September 30, 2015

I received a question from a reader of He asked: “Does it cost more to build two stories vs one story?” The answer is that it really isn’t that simple. A two story house should cost less for these simple reasons: Land Cost. If […]

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Egress Windows and Emergency Escape

by Sean O'Hara September 29, 2015

The International Residential Code spells out a number of code requirements for egress windows and emergency escape in houses and other residential buildings. First, you’re required to have at least one egress window or door in a basement and in every bedroom. If you have […]

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The Beauty of Red Rocks

by Peter Gozar September 29, 2015
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For those who have not been, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre must be one if not the most beautiful concert venues in the world.  (I have not included many photos, as Red Rocks is a place that one must experience by visiting!)  Located near Morrison, Colorado […]

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Site Study Renderings

by Kayla Harmon September 26, 2015
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For this site study, our client asked to have renderings of different design scenarios that he could use to show members of the community.  These renderings would have to show the neighbors living around the site what the development would look like completed. This would […]

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EVstudio Works with Local College to Design S.A.M. House

by Ian Paulin September 24, 2015
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EVstudio worked with Central Texas College (CTC), various contractors, local suppliers and students on their Green Umbrella Project also known as the S.A.M. (Sustainable, Afforadable, Modern) home. This project consists of the design and construction of a high-efficiency, sustainable house incorporating emerging renewable energy systems […]

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Denver Colorado Architect

by evstudio September 18, 2015

EVstudio started in the mountains of Colorado just west of Denver and has become known for doing work all over the state. While our Evergreen office is still busier than ever, our Denver office has been in full swing for over a year now. As […]

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