Top 10 Toys for Future Architects (and Engineers)

by EVstudio AEP June 3, 2016
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One of the most common questions that we get at EVstudio is, “What kind of toys did you play with as a kid?” Though a seemingly strange question to be asked during an architectural consultation, our clients are usually trying to understand how we ended […]

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Liberty Hill City Administration Building – Construction

by Ian Paulin June 1, 2016
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Construction started last month on the new City of Liberty Hill administration building which is being building on an infill lot located in the old downtown area of Liberty Hill. The foundation slab is complete and the CMU elevator shaft is about halfway finished. Framing […]

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LEED Project Team Formation is an Important First Step in any LEED Certification Project

by EVstudio AEP May 20, 2016

The first step in preparing for the LEED Certification process on a building project is the formation of the LEED Project Team. Integrated design is one of the most important sustainability strategies and a good project team will become the key to an integrated, efficient, […]

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Allowable Building Height, Story and Area Tables Updated in IBC 2015

by Kellie Saylor May 20, 2016
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Updated versions of the International Building Code are published every 3 years.  On a new project, one of the first code restrictions to determine is the allowable building height, area, and number of stories. Since 2000, the International Building Code has shown the allowable building […]

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Architect and Engineer With Same Day Service

by Sean O'Hara May 16, 2016

When you call looking for an architect or engineer to help you with your building project you may want quick answers. At EVstudio, when you call you’re able to speak to a licensed engineer or architect right away and we are often able to arrange […]

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Utilizing Revit for A&E Services

by evstudio May 13, 2016
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Revit is one of the most powerful tools we use at EVstudio to communicate ideas between our architects and engineers. I recently worked on a project with Matt, one of our fantastic architect in the Denver office, on a remodel/addition of an existing 4-plex. With […]

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Horizontal Vs Diagonal Decking

by Jonathan Locke May 5, 2016
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When beginning a deck project, you traditionally have two options when going to with decking. Horizontal or diagonal decking.  Each have their pros and cons that I am going to go through. Horizontal decking is largely the most popular choice for wood framed decks due […]

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Basic Stucco Overview

by Maciek Gesikowski April 28, 2016
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There are basically two types of stucco products and two stucco systems: Traditional vs Acrylic Stucco:   Traditional Stucco: Consists of cement, silica sand and lime. Traditional stucco comes in bags and is typically 1/5 of cost of the Acrylic stucco.  There are virtually unlimited amounts […]

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Splendor AND Livability – Luxury Custom Mountain Home

by EVstudio AEP April 28, 2016
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This luxurious custom single family home was designed for the in Hawks Nest on a parcel of 10.60 acres (contracted by Dreamweaver Homes of Evergreen, CO). The proposed positioning of the residence on the lot highlights the dramatic panoramic views of Mt. Evans and Upper […]

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Architectural Copper – Science Meets Aesthetics with Living Finishes

by Kacy Landsittel April 28, 2016

Copper takes form in many ways and applications in our built environments. Plumbing lines, plumbing fixtures, electrical conducting applications, as an architectural metal for the exterior skin as siding or roofing and many others, the precious metal also is at the whim of exterior and […]

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NCARB Certificate and Architects, What Does it Mean

by Sean O'Hara April 28, 2016

One of the more important qualifications on my architectural resume is having an NCARB Certificate. But what exactly is an NCARB certificate, who needs one and how do you get one? NCARB is the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. NCARB is a non-profit federation […]

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3rd Material Option for Lakewood Townhome

by Anthony Ries April 22, 2016
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Our final color and material palette is below. This is one of the most conservative schemes in terms of color. The idea was to make most the building very basic but them make the canted, cantilevered walls pop out just that much more by using […]

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