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Project Spotlight: Modern Highlands Home

by Macy Andre October 19, 2017
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Throw Back Thursday- Residential Renaissance   EVstudio’s custom designed homes are some of the most ambitious and one of a kind projects that we love to design. This house in particular shows off how brilliant a home can turn out when you have engineers and […]

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Project Spotlight: Barrels & Bottles Brewery

by Macy Andre September 28, 2017
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Throw Back Thursday- Remembering A Good Brew   Zach and Abby George came to EVstudio with a dream of starting up Barrels and Bottles, their craft brewery. Like many small business owners know, finding a space that fits the needs of the business and is […]

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Residence Hall Lobby Update at University of Denver

by EVstudio AEP August 25, 2017
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Last summer we complete the remodel of the main level of a residence hall for the University of Denver. Before the renovation the main floor was a sparsely populated space. Now the main floor is a hub of activity with students hanging out, studying and meeting with […]

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How to Pick the Right Compact Fluorescent Bulb Color

by EVstudio AEP August 25, 2017

Hi, Lisa. I really want to save energy by using compact fluorescent bulbs in some of my light fixtures, but the last batch I bought was an awful cold blue color that made me feel funny.  How can I avoid making the same $9 mistake every time?   […]

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The ADA, ICC/ANSI A117.1 and Kitchen Sinks in Break Rooms

by EVstudio AEP August 15, 2017

Building codes and guidelines are always full of exceptions and variations on a theme and the Americans with Disabilities Act is no different. The ADA was first created in 1990. It is designed to protect against discrimination based on disability. The act has five titles […]

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Colorado Real Estate Journal Article on The EVstudio Building

by Dean Dalvit August 15, 2017

We’re thrilled to have had our new EVstudio Building published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal! For the full story, see the CREJ article here at this link:

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A Jacques Benedict Treasure Visualized

by EVstudio AEP January 20, 2017
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As a continuation of our floor plan revisions to the Mansion on Olive Street in Denver we also visualized some of the key rooms. As the architect I worked closely with our in-house interior design team and the owner on helping everyone visualize the interior […]

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New Architectural Design – “Off-Grid Living”

by Kayla Harmon November 30, 2016
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The new age of futuristic living is just around the corner. Technology is ever growing, making the idea of robots, hover cars and livable space crafts more of a possibility in today’s world. The “ecocapsule”, designed by Nice Architects is a low-energy living space with […]

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Social Networks for Design Inspiration

by evstudio June 10, 2016

Surely you’ve heard of Pinterest by now; it’s the social media website that allows users to virtually “pin” images and links that they find inspiring, from delicious looking recipes to captivating architectural masterpieces. Pinterest has provided both designers and homeowners a place to collect information […]

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When Styles Clash – Interior Design with Your Spouse

by EVstudio AEP June 10, 2016
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Something I hear very often from women is that they have such different taste in furniture and décor than their husbands. It usually goes something like this: “I want to decorate our living room in pastels and maple wood, but my husband who usually doesn’t […]

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New Cost Effective Ideas for Daylighting at NREL

by Dean Dalvit June 10, 2016

We toured the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Research Support Facility, and were able to see a number of design solutions that were relatively low-cost, but provided a great sustainable approach to many of their design goals. One in particular was with Daylighting. The challenge was […]

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What is the difference between STC, CSTC and CAC?

by Bill Foster May 17, 2016

Ceilings have their own testing system (CAC) that is equivalent to wall ratings and more applicable to ceilings per the ASTM. Walls are rated using single pass tests to determine their STC rating because only 1 wall separates two rooms. This test isn’t really applicable to […]

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