DIY House Crashers in Denver

by Jim Houlette on July 27, 2012

EVstudio recently helped West Standard with a remodel that was filmed for House Crashers on DIY network.

Our structural department helped the project by observing the wall between the two rooms being remodeled.  The goal was to create an opening in the wall and allowing the two rooms to become one large room.  Luckily, the wall was non-load bearing and was an easy low cost demo.   Without having to put any money into new structural supports it helped to keep the project on budget.

For a lot of the television shows I watch about remodels or additions the lack of discussion on the need to verify if walls are load bearing or not scares me.  I always suggest anyone doing a remodel that involves opening up a wall to consult with a structural engineer.

The next time House Crashers “Denver Living Room” airs is July 28 at 3pm on DIY.  Check your local listing for exact time.


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