Engineering for your project, designed with the right balance of performance and cost

EVstudio functions as both the in-house structural department for projects where we are the architects and also as a structural engineering consultant for owners, contractors and other architects.

We work with a broad range of private and public clients on project types including single family housing, multi-family housing, schools, offices, medical, retail industrial and performance spaces. We offer a variety of engineering services to fit our clients’ needs:


  • Wood and light gauge steel framing
  • Spread footing, drilled piers and helical piers
  • Slab foundations including post tensioned slabs
  • Shoring design
  • Log and timber frame structures
  • SIP – Structural Insulated Panels
  • ICF – Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Site retaining walls, abutments and keystone walls
  • Block, brick and stone
  • Steel and concrete
  • Structural forensic engineering
  • Evaluation and repair drawings
  • Construction administration
  • Engineering reports and detailed documentation
  • Expert witness
  • Value engineering and efficient design

We use a wide range of software to meet our client’s needs including Revit, AutoCAD, RAM products, Blackpoint, Sapphire and other products as they become available to keep us on the cutting edge.

Our Director of Structural Engineering is Jim Houlette, PE. Jim leads a team with over 40 years of structural engineering experience and will be your point person on your project. Some of the team’s recent work includes designs for national home builders, multi-family over podium slab, hotels and forensic work throughout Colorado and Texas.

EVstudio’s Structural Engineering Team:

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