Enjoying the Cybercommunity

by Dean Dalvit on June 4, 2008

I have to give credit where credit is due: Sean has set up the EVstudio blog and I’m excited to have yet a new way to communicate with everyone out there in cyberspace. As quickly as the technology moves, I’m also glad that we’re able to keep pace (however breakneck that pace may be at times).

Managing two offices has presented us some new opportunities for networking and communications that even a few years ago were never thought possible. For example, we regularly video chat between the offices using Skype. While it doesn’t completely replace a face-to-face meeting, it sure helps connect the two offices. We can also connect computers and share desktops using logmein which, in the world of architecture, can be more valuable than the spoken word. I’m even excited about our VOIP phones through IP5280 which have so many features that ordinary phones simply don’t have.

When you put it all together, we can create a remote office environment that feels like everyone is right down the hall. It also helps do our work as well. I don’t know how I would have communicated design information to my clients in New York about their local project here in Evergreen in such a quick and thorough manner without these same tools. We’ve been able to do local projects for long distance clients and long distance projects for local clients (and need I mention the long distance projects for long distance clients?).

Ahh, technology. The world continually gets smaller and we’re all right down the hall.


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