EV Studio supports DAVA in the 7th Annual Paper Fashion Show

by Bill Foster on March 24, 2011

We’ve sharpened our Xacto blades and fired up our glue guns for an unforgettable event for a great cause,  Downtown Aurora Visual Arts.

EV Studio Architect Bill Foster, wife Nicole and daughter Maggie will be one of 60 teams participating in the event, double last year’s size.   (some images from past shows)

We would love to have you there for some fantastic people watching and to see EV Studio design work take its first stroll down the Catwalk.

Please check out www.paperfashionshow.com for more information but here are the basics.

Who?  Denver’s top designers from all fields.

When?  Thursday, March 24 6pm social, 7:30pm Show.

Where?  City Hall 1144 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203.

How?  35.00 Gen., 65.00 VIP.

Why?   Proceeds and auctioned fashion designs from the Paper Fashion Show in benefit Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA)”, a local community organization that provides after-school arts programs for at-risk youth. Kids participate in projects that help build self-esteem and increase connection to the community.


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