EVstudio Canstruction – Build Day Progression

by Matt Svoboda on April 29, 2012

This is a series of images that document the progress of Beth Concha, Bill Foster, Jim Houlette, Kacy Landsittel, Anthony Ries and Matthew Svoboda as they slowly but surely build up something that was designed to look unreal.

Totals: 64 square feet of mdf, 224 cans of vegetables, 2,543 cans of soup, 1,182 cans of olives, 8 hours and 5 pairs of aching knees…all for a good cause and a lot of fun.  (Two small asides:  there was one type of soup that stubbornly refused to nest neatly into the can below it and was therefore a constant thorn in our sides – for shame, Mega Noodle; plus a tip of the cap to Bill Foster who figured out how to make Dora stand out from her cans without damaging the cans or can labels in any way by using masking tape, an x-acto blade, and a lot of patience.)

At the beginning there was a lot of sorting to be done.

About halfway through the "skeleton".

You know Jim is serious because he's wearing gloves.

Skeleton is finished before lunch and the illusion is working so far.

With Kacy in the gap you can see how the illusion works.

Aerial shot of the "skin" being applied to the outside.

The team steps back to look at what they've done.

Close-up of the skin. You can just see Dora peeking out over the top.

The build is an instant curiosity to passersby.


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