EVstudio Offering Free Instruction on Blogging to Members of the Mailing List

by evstudio on May 19, 2009

EVstudio’s blog at evstudio.info has been up and running for a year. To celebrate the milestone we’re going to offer any of the members of our mailing list a free lesson on blogging and what we’ve learned. A blog might be the right choice for:

Driving traffic to your business website
Talking about the construction of your project
Getting leads online
Sharing your hobby with others
A quick, easy to create website
Promoting your ideas and opinions
Chronicling a vacation
Telling your family about your daily life
Fundraising for a non-profit or charity
Promoting or reporting on an event

These are the details. The offer is open to anyone who wants to learn about blogging and is on our mailing list. Depending on the number of interested people we’ll arrange several sessions led by Sean. We’ll also try to group people according to their particular blogging interest. Sean will walk you through the basics of setting up a wordpress.com free blog. Then we’ll talk about the basics of posting including links and images. Sean will also show you how to provide links to EVstudio which are highly appreciated. If you have a laptop that will be easier but we have some we can bring as well.

After a few weeks if people are enjoying blogging and have learned the basics we’ll offer another session that will cover more advanced topics like personalized web addresses, search engine optimization, tagging and categories, widgets and more media options. We’ve learned a lot in the last year and we can save you a lot of time.

Please email Sean at sean@evstudio.us if you’re interested and if you’re not already on the mailing list, include your information so that we can contact you.

Sometimes EV stands for “Extra Value”.  🙂


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