Free Review of Structural Plans for Value Engineering

by Jim Houlette on September 11, 2009


EVstudio would like to prove that we can save you cost on your next structural design.  We’re inviting you to send us a set of drawings for a recent or current project and we’ll review it for free.  If we can find you at least $2,000 in savings, we’d like to give you a quote on your next project. That’s it.

Projects can be as simple as remodels or additions up to multi-family structures.  Wood, steel or concrete construction and foundations of any type.

We recently did this for a client and saved over $5,000 with a 30 minute review. The client was so pleased, we were asked to re-engineer the project.  Our fee to do the design was a fraction of the savings.

A slab-on-grade foundation was recently designed by EVstudio and saved the owner at least $11,650 just in concrete and steel!  Savings in labor was also made in reducing excavation by 1ft.  Read more about the savings made on the slab-on-grade foundation project here.

When saving every dollar is critical to a project becoming profitable the selection of building materials and value engineering is essential.

Many structural engineers are asked if they value engineer and of course they will say “yes”.  But what is value engineering?  Most people think it is simply reviewing the standard construction materials and trying to cut costs by downing sizing structural members and reducing anything else possible.  This will save money in materials, but if done incorrectly cost a builder much more in repairs.  The structural members shouldn’t be oversized to begin with, so trying to reduce beam sizes is asking for trouble.  Structural engineers are typically not taught to oversize components, they select the first member that satisfies the design requirements.

So where can you save money?  I believe the best savings start with current knowledge of building trends and materials.  Builders should be asking the engineers, “How else can I build this structure to save money?” or “Is there anything new that I could do to save money?”

Maybe it’s not in the materials, but methods of building that an engineer can help a builder with.  I personally keep up with new BIM software that can produce a material list down to the last nail needed for construction.  In addition, all the wood components can be exported and cut to the exact size needed for the field.  This reduces waste and time framing, that’s money in the builder’s pocket.

To start your free review of structural plans call Jim Houlette at 303.670.7242 or email him at


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