Holiday Home Planning

by EVstudio AEP on January 10, 2011

If you have ever thought about designing a new home for yourself, or even renovating your current home the holidays can be a great time to take stock of the role your home plays in special occasions.

Over the holidays I visited a house that had just had a kitchen/dining area renovation. The kitchen was beautifully done, but while the space functioned well for a small family dinner it was still not living up to their needs for a larger dinner or party. I asked the family who had helped them with the design and they replied that they had used the design team that worked with the contractor. The team had done a good job with renovating the space they were assigned but some of the bigger spatial issues remained.

The insight I took away from this home was two fold. 1. Our homes function as stages for more than the regular matinee of lunch, breakfast, and dinner. We have special showings that require flexibility. 2. It doesn’t take a specialist to figure that these special occasions and needs occur. Any homeowner can do that for themselves. But talking to an Architect who has been through the process of taking all these needs and condensing the real priorities into a plan gives that family the benefit of their experience to help them create their dream home.


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