EVstudio, a national architecture and engineering firm is looking for an Architect to lead our established Austin office, manage projects, market and grow.

This is an extremely unique opportunity to lead your own office and accelerate your career without many of the risks and limitations of being a sole proprietor.

Our other offices will provide you with work, a strong national supporting staff, a system, our resume of experience and resources for getting things done while you work with the existing staff to build the Austin office.
The possibilities of this position are unlimited as we are open to growing our Austin office in the direction that your skill set, your staff, and the market dictate.   The Austin market is booming and we are looking for the right person to help our firm grow with it.
  • 10+ Years of Architectural Experience
  • Project Management style with proven results
  • Experience managing multiple staff members
  • Strong desire to grow in your management abilities
  • Marketing Ability and desire to grow with the help of our strong support structure
  • (We have a long list of leads and connections through our network in Austin and need someone who can follow up, build relationships and win the work)
  • A history of committed work that demonstrates your commitment to making your new office a success

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