A typical day as a Structural Engineer at EVstudio is flexible and exciting.  We work as a team with our in house architects and engineers to provide a comprehensive experience for our clients.  It eliminates scheduling meetings to meet with different design groups and avoids clients frustrated with a lack of coordination.  It allows the Structural Engineers to become a holistic part of planning and development of a building, rather than an outside entity providing a service.

As a Structural Engineer you are responsible and will learn how to produce and design structural systems for a wide variety of building types in wood, steel, concrete and masonry.  This includes running load calculations, sizing beams and columns, designing foundations, and a myriad of other items that will be needed to provide our clients with a complete and code relevant design.  You will work directly under a licensed engineer.  It is expected you will have questions and need guidance to complete your tasks, and you will be trained by peers as well as your supervisors.   Your job will also entail operating and producing CAD and REVIT drawings.   At times you may be asked to assist architects and other engineering disciplines on projects, with CAD, Revit or calculations. This helps balance out your expertise and experience making you a more dynamic engineer, and gives you the perspective of all the parts of a building design.  It will also help strengthen the team.  This is a highly collaborative team environment that expects the best of each other.

We do a lot of events outside the office including having lunch as an office on Tuesdays, with Taco Tuesday.  Everyone is friendly and willing to listen and help.  It is encouraged that you spend time with other team members both in the office and at outside functions. At EVstudio we want to find interesting people and we know that means you have a lot going on.

Please contact any of the folks on the architectural or structural teams to get introduced to a director or principal (mentioned on the “Join the Team” page).  We look forward to hearing from you!