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by EVstudio AEP on May 11, 2018

Much has been made of the current boom here in Denver in regards to architectural staffing.  If one were to visit the AIA Jobs Board page one would find a multitude of available positions ranging from intern to regional director.  To many it seems that 2009 is a distant memory and firms are racing to adjust their staffing needs against their new contracts.

EVstudio is hiring, too.

We interview a couple of people a week and the two common threads among the discussions involve the business model of the firm and the quality of life architects are afforded at the firm.  The two are inherently connected.

A traditional firm is organized around the principal where the principal wins works and passes it along at varying points of the design to the number two person – usually an architect – who takes the project through construction documents and construction administration.  If the partner does not win work, then there is little need for the architect to be employed.

The modus operandi of most firms is to complete as much work with as little staff as possible.  Staff is typically expected to work long hours, follow the direction of the principal, and generally exist to serve the firm.  The ultimate size of this type of firm is based on the ability of the principal to win work.  There is little or no expectation that the staff themselves market the firm or bring in work.  Thus the staff and their families are largely at the whim, skill, luck, ability of the principal.

EVstudio is organized around a different principle and not necessarily the principal.  Each member of the company is expected to promote the company.  Promoting can come from various starting points – networking events, cold calling, blogging, reaching out to people within one’s individual networks and friends.  A business case for adding an employee is made on a sophisticated forecasting protocol and once they are here, they are set upon a course for bringing in new work.

Staff who are most successful in marketing the firm are those that feel a sense of ownership of their position and are rewarded with working on the projects they bring in.  If staff wants to break into the hospitality world it is incumbent on them to pave new ground in that arena.  If they are successful at bringing in a hospitality job, then they are likely to be rewarded by the firm with not only the usual financial benefits, but also with a position in the company as someone who can help the company grow.

To EVstudio, this type of person is gold through up markets and down.  This is the type of person we are looking for.

Yes, there may be long hours and it is always challenging to chart one’s own course, but when you look through the AIA jobs board, ask yourself what type of firm you would prefer to work for.  One where your course is largely directed by someone else, or one where you are responsible for your own path.

If you think you are interested in choosing the latter, give EVstudio a call today.

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