Mountain Area Earth Day Fair

by EVstudio AEP on May 3, 2010

Our mountain communities lay across the foothills above Denver like a string of shining pearls. Evergreen lies at the geographic center of that string and often becomes the hub for groups and events that embrace the many communities in the greater mountain area. The Mountain Area Earth Day Fair has drawn the eco-minded from all areas to Evergreen for more than 20 years strong and has become the hub that brings together the organizations, non-profit groups, government agencies, schools and businesses in our area that share a passion for sustainability in our communities. In addition to old favorites, such as HawkQuest and Smokey Bear, this year’s Fair featured several exciting new organizations now active in the mountain area that you may want to become more familiar with!

Evergreen350 is the local chapter of the international organization “350” stands for the number of parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere that is the safe limit for human life and the organization is dedicated to finding solutions for global climate change. The local Evergreen chapter provides ongoing environmental education and focuses on bringing experts to the public in order to facilitate the sharing of information and encourage sustainable choices.

EAS+Y is Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability … You make it EAS+Y! This group is dedicated to fostering sustainability in our local communities and does this by inspiring and empowering local individuals, businesses and organizations to make the personal decisions that lead to a sustainable future for us all. EAS+Y provides information about a number of initiatives, businesses and organizations in the local area that are working toward sustainability in our community and also provides information on recycling, composting and other resources available for personal sustainability in our area. Look for them at various events in the Evergreen area this summer with their T-shirts stating proudly … “I’m EAS+Y, ask me how!”

Greenscouts is a brand new organization dedicated to educating the community to be action-oriented environmental leaders, providing green solutions for today and for a safer tomorrow. Greenscouts wants to get everyone, but especially the kids of our communities, involved in the Green Revolution. Greenscouts will see the official launch of its upcoming programs for area youth in the next school year but invites all to take part in the education, activities and benefits of a greener life, together.

The Mountain Area Earth Day Fair took place over the weekend and was a wonderful event and went off without a hitch. There was, however, another close call following Mother Nature’s helping heap of snow that threatened the event once again. Last year’s Fair had to be cancelled because of snow, and it nearly came down to a cancellation this year as well! Luckily for us all, the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day at Evergreen Lake! There was a good turn-out for the Fair and everyone enjoyed the day. That’s just springtime in the Rockies! Keep an eye out over the coming year for exciting events and initiatives by the new groups described above and all of the other groups in the Mountain Area that make our communities thrive and join us for next year’s Mountain Area Earth Day Fair as well!

This article features information written by Elicia Ratajczyk for the Canyon Courier newspaper that was published in the April 21st on page 9 of the weekly edition of the paper.


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