Mullins Residence in The Preserve at Pine Meadows

by Dean Dalvit on July 1, 2008

Another peek at a new Revit model we have put together for Dan and Jessica Mullins in the Preserve at Pine Meadows. This home is very unique in that it is tucked within a very dense outcropping of boulders which will all be saved and become a part of the homes unique final landscape. We focus on some of these outcroppings with carefully placed windows in the home while the outdoor space is complimented by the shape of the home and the existing terrain. If ever there was an example of a home treading lightly on its site, this would be it. Not to mention a perfect retreat for a family of rock climbers! The 3-D model of the home was developed in Revit and the client provided the terrain model you see in these images.


Looking Northwest


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