NCARB Intern Development Program 2.0-Phase 2 Coming Soon

by evstudio on December 5, 2009


Last July, Phase 1 of IDP 2.0 went into effect, allowing interns the opportunity to gain training units and supplementary education credit while being unemployed.  Phase 2 will go into effect January 1st, 2010.  The intent of Phase 2 will be to align the process more with current architecture practice, and to simplify the training unit reporting process.

The current IDP version requires interns to earn 700 training units in each of the training categories, where each individual unit equals eight hours of work experience.  Phase 2 will simply convert the experience requirement from 700 units to 5,600 hours.  While the number remains the same, this will make the reporting process easier and more accurate.  The online reporting system, e-EVR, will automatically convert previously entered units into training hours.

Another change that Phase 2 will make is to the Definition of ‘Direct Supervision’, which will now be described as either personal contact or remote communication, (e-mail, online markups, webinars, internet, etc).  This change allows the intern to gain experience more easily, and with more learning-environment options.  This also allows for interns to gain experience whether they are permanently employed by a firm, or a contract employee or independent contractor.

There will also be some changes to the Emerging Professional’s Companion (EPC) which allows a maximum of 225 training units (1,800 training hours) to be earned.  Activities can count for up to five minimum core training units for interns employed in a recognized work setting.  On January 1st, 2010, interns, whether employed or not, may earn minimum training hours by having their activities signed off by their mentor.


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