Pueblo Care and Rehabilitation Center Landscape and Site Planning

by EVstudio AEP on October 3, 2010

The Care Center in Pueblo features five courtyards and a Therapy Garden.

An Illustration by John Olson of an Employee Courtyard of the Care Center.

EV Studio recently finalized and submitted construction document drawings for the Pueblo Care & Rehabilitation Center in Pueblo, Colorado.  The project is a retrofit to a building and site originally constructed in 1962 in South Pueblo.  The primary focus of the project for the client is to make major structural and functional updates to the interiors of the building.  Currently the building endures settling and flooding.  The flooding issue is caused by poor drainage in the courtyards of the Care Center.

Along with the civil engineers of EV Studio, we managed the storm water with infiltration areas in the courtyards where rainwater is utilized to supplement the landscape rather than the typical solution of piping the water off-site as soon as possible.  Another key feature of the renovation is the new Therapy Wing on the southwest side of the building.  The therapy wing is envisioned to be an outpatient facility for the city of Pueblo as well as the residents of the Care Center.  Accompanying the therapy wing, a therapy garden is incorporated into the landscape.  The therapy garden features a wide variety of plant material providing year round landscape interest to the sense of its users.  Multiple walking surfaces are planned to be a part of the therapy treatment.  Conventional concrete is complimented by brick paver bands, a brick paver seating area and breeze walking surface through the plant material.


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Paul Jonez October 18, 2010 at 3:45 pm

I recently received your company update and the Pueblo Care & Rehabilitation project caught my eye. I would like to know more about the projects you have coming out and how we could partner with you on them. Please contact me to discuss future options with EVstudio.
Thank you,

Paul Jonez, LEED AP
Project Estimator
Roche Constructors, Inc.

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