Rocky Mountain News Must See Buildings

by Sean O'Hara on August 18, 2008

The August 16th Edition of the Rocky Mountain News had a an article by Mary Voelz Chandler detailing which buildings to see in Denver and what buildings should be missed.

On the must see list: The Sage Building, The Blue Bear, Taxi, 16th Street Mall, The Red House, MCA/Denver, The Hamilton Building, Pura Vida, Glasshouse and One Lincoln Park. The Blue Bear is easily my favorite piece of new public art. The Red House is amazing, a few years back Jim Olson (the architect) was the Jury Chair for AIA Denver Awards and he gave a tour, really amazing house/museum.

On the must miss list, which seems much more random: Petroleum Club, the tent on 15th, Cowboy Pajamas, 1001 17th Street. And the one that I can’t stand: Jonathan Borofsky’s androgynous aliens.

Here’s the full article, no pictures unfortunately.


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