Modern Mountain Home in Evergreen Colorado Nearing Completion

by Dean Dalvit April 20, 2015

We’re very excited to be seeing the completion of a modern mountain home we designed in Evergreen Colorado near completion. The Certificate of Occupancy was recently released and the owners are moving in. EVstudio provided all of the Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering on this […]

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Architects and Engineers need Errors & Omissions Insurance

by Sean O'Hara April 8, 2015

When you are making decisions about hiring an architect, engineer or other licensed building professional it is important to verify that they carry Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O). As a client, errors and omissions insurance protects you from major professional mistakes that cause you financial […]

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EVstudio Will Work With You On Projects in Other States and Other Countries

by evstudio March 28, 2015

We want to remind the readers of that EVstudio does projects in numerous states and you shouldn’t worry about contacting us with questions or potential projects because of your geography. We utilize technology to bridge the gap to the point that working with clients […]

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Top 10 Toys for Future Architects (and Engineers)

by EVstudio AEP March 27, 2015
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One of the most common questions that we get at EVstudio is, “What kind of toys did you play with as a kid?” Though a seemingly strange question to be asked during an architectural consultation, our clients are usually trying to understand how we ended […]

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Why Social Media Is Important for an Architecture & Engineering Firm

by Chris Slaughter January 14, 2015

I’m sure by now you have seen plenty of blogs or articles while surfing the internet. While coming across some of these blogs you might be asking yourself “why do they post so much?” When it comes to a business, there are a variety of reasons why […]

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Architectural and Structural Coordination in 3 Dimensions

by Anthony Ries January 13, 2015
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You may have heard that we use a software package known as Revit. One of the things that we really like other than the fairly intuitive interface is that the architects and the structural engineers here work within the same file. Once the schematic design […]

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Designing Your House – Part 7

by Sean O'Hara January 7, 2015

Now let’s talk a little bit about the interior design of your home. We’re not interior designers per se but as the architects we are still designing these spaces as we design your house. We’re also incorporating these decisions into the plans to give you […]

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Designing Your House – Part 4

by Sean O'Hara December 19, 2014

The next set of spaces to design are the private spaces for the family. First an easy question, how many bathrooms and bedrooms would you like to have in the house? How many of them will be used every day, which ones actually serve other […]

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The Heat is on…

by Dean Dalvit October 8, 2014

I want to address a topic that comes up in every programming interview that very few people give much thought to…Indoor heating and air conditioning… The professional term HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and pretty much sums up your indoor air climate. For […]

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Involving an Architect in Your Land Buying Process and Decision is a Great Idea

by Sean O'Hara October 8, 2014

When you are start looking to buy land or a house your first decision is finding the right real estate agent. Your second decision should be finding the right architect. An good architect can help you understand both the physical aspects of the site and […]

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Designing Your House – Part 9

by Sean O'Hara October 4, 2014

What is the structure that is going to be holding up your house? More than any of our previous questions, your initial answer may be that’s why you hired an architect. While it’s defintely true, we still like to explore your options with you and […]

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Recommendations and Kind Words From Our Past Clients – What They Say About EVstudio’s Architects

by evstudio October 4, 2014

As part of putting together the EVstudio Monograph we went through some letters of recommendation and comments from our past clients. We really appreciate all of our wonderful clients, especially those who go out of there way to write us recommendations. Thank You All. “No […]

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