The Importance of (Well Built) As-Built Drawings

by Dean Dalvit April 28, 2016

We have done a large variety of residential and commercial remodel, addition, tenant finish, adaptive re-use and historic preservation work over the years and one thing seems to ring true as the single, most important component of a highly accurate and well developed set of […]

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Designing Your House – Part 3

by Sean O'Hara April 28, 2016

First a general floor plan consideration. What is your goal for the square footage target? Does it need to be bigger, smaller or the same as where you currently live? Do you want all of your living spaces on one level or split over several? […]

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Architectural and Structural Coordination in 3 Dimensions

by Anthony Ries April 21, 2016
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You may have heard that we use a software package known as Revit. One of the things that we really like other than the fairly intuitive interface is that the architects and the structural engineers here work within the same file. Once the schematic design […]

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Greene & Greene Construction Update

by Matt Svoboda April 21, 2016
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Our Greene & Greene inspired home is almost completely through framing!  Most of the windows are in and the extensive exterior wood detailing is beginning to reveal its character.  Below you can see the dining room with its exposed T&G roofing at the extra deep […]

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Designing Your House – Part 5

by Sean O'Hara April 8, 2016

We’ve moved through the major spaces in the house both public and private and now its time to discuss the accessory spaces. The laundry room can be as simple as a closet or far more complex. How much space do you want to dedicate to […]

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A Reason We Have Engineers and Architects – Designing to Meet Code

by Jim Houlette April 8, 2016

EVstudio’s Structural Department was recently called to an existing house to provide recommendations to a home owner for completing a remodel in progress.   This is a typical request that EVstudio takes care of several times a week. But this visit will always be remembered, […]

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Denver’s Historic Pride – The Equitable Building

by Peter Gozar March 25, 2016
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Equitable Building – Stout St and 17th St. Built in 1911, Denver’s Equitable Building was designed by Boston architects, Andrews, Jacques and Rantoul.  Planned to maximize light into offices, the floor plan is two ‘E’s back to back.  The nine story building is constructed of […]

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A/E Firms have an Advantage over Architects with Municipality Regulations

by Sean O'Hara March 24, 2016

Municipalities are increasingly asking for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors to stamp drawings that could previously be stamped by architects. We see this a lot with small structural and civil pieces incidental to commercial projects. Municipalities are also adding new documents to their requirements […]

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New Location of EVstudio Texas Featured in Killeen Daily Herald

by evstudio March 8, 2016

Construction is underway for the new home of EVstudio Texas. The new location at 109 W. Avenue D in Copperas Cove, Texas is Copperas Cove native and EVstudio Texas principal Gene Dane’s effort to give back to the community and help revitalize the city’s abandoned […]

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Designing Your House – Part 7

by Sean O'Hara March 4, 2016

Now let’s talk a little bit about the interior design of your home. We’re not interior designers per se but as the architects we are still designing these spaces as we design your house. We’re also incorporating these decisions into the plans to give you […]

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Social Networks for Design Inspiration

by evstudio March 2, 2016

Surely you’ve heard of Pinterest by now; it’s the social media website that allows users to virtually “pin” images and links that they find inspiring, from delicious looking recipes to captivating architectural masterpieces. Pinterest has provided both designers and homeowners a place to collect information […]

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What’s in a name?

by Dean Dalvit February 5, 2016
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What started as a one-man business called Eagle View Architecture has grown into 7 professionals (and counting). When we first doubled in size, we shortened the name to EV (now you all know where that came from) Studio. When we first came up with that […]

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