Incorporating Religious and Institutional Uses into Neighborhoods

by EVstudio AEP May 19, 2017

In all neighborhoods, it is important to include a variety, or mixture, of land use opportunities. Religious institutions provide many great opportunities for a neighborhood. The most obvious asset provided is the accessibility and convenience of getting to and from the use. A religious institution […]

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Construction Cost Per Square Foot for Single Family Custom Residential Homes 2015

by Dean Dalvit May 15, 2017
Thumbnail image for Construction Cost Per Square Foot for Single Family Custom Residential Homes 2015

In a continued effort to try to set client expectations as appropriately as possible at the start of a project, I have embarked on a research project that aggregates real data on new homes recently built. The result is a conceptual pricing tool that can […]

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3rd Material Option for Lakewood Townhome

by EVstudio AEP May 15, 2017
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Our final color and material palette is below. This is one of the most conservative schemes in terms of color. The idea was to make most the building very basic but them make the canted, cantilevered walls pop out just that much more by using […]

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Building Season in Colorado, What About Winter?

by Sean O'Hara May 15, 2017

We frequently have projects and clients who are concerned with the idea of building during a Colorado winter. Snow, ice, cold temperatures and frozen ground can all make building more difficult. With that being said, in the Front Range cities, like the Denver metro, we […]

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Why It’s Critical To Have Correct Floating Sill Plates on Slab-On-Grade Floors in Colorado

by Jim Houlette May 15, 2017

When I’m requested to investigate a house with structural concerns one of the first things I check is proper floating sill plates on slab-on-grade floors.  I’m always amazed how so many basements are finished without a floating sill plate or some way of allowing the […]

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6-Unit Multifamily Duplex Project in Durango

by Dean Dalvit April 27, 2017
Thumbnail image for 6-Unit Multifamily Duplex Project in Durango

EVstudio has designed projects all over Colorado, Texas, and in other regions. One of our exciting projects in the Southwest part of Colorado is in Durango. We were commissioned to design 6 high-end luxury duplex units on a collection of lots for a private Owner/Developer. […]

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10 Good Questions to Ask When Planning an Indoor Agricultural Grow House

by Bill Foster January 20, 2017

As you might know, there is a big growth in Indoor Agriculture in Colorado. If you’re planning one, these are the top ten questions that you’ll want to ask: Are there any existing drawings of your facility?  You will almost certainly need a building permit […]

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Harvesting Rainwater in Colorado – Can it be Done?

by EVstudio AEP January 20, 2017

I recently had a conversation about water usage and rights in Colorado. For years we have known that the water that falls from the sky is off limits. Back in July of 2009 that changed, sort of. It is true that with the passage of […]

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by Sean O'Hara January 20, 2017

I’m going to begin writing a regular blog for the friends, clients and potential clients of EVstudio. If you’re not already familiar with EVstudio, we’re an architecture and planning firm based in Colorado with our first office in Evergreen and our second office in Denver. […]

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by evstudio January 6, 2017

One of our primary goals in writing the EVstudio blog is to answer your questions about EVstudio and your larger questions about architecture, planning, development, construction, new urbanism, real estate, Denver issues, Colorado issues, AIA issues etc. Please let us know any questions or issues […]

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Steel Screw Pile Foundation

by Jim Houlette November 30, 2016

A deep foundation system that is gaining popularity in areas with difficult soil, contaminated soil and due to its speed of construction is steel screw piles. At first glance screw piles look like the typical helical pier.  However, there are significant differences that make a […]

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Denver Engineers Not Surprised by New Post-Tension Rule

by Calvin Curtis November 30, 2016
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Good day!  Your usual post-tension maniac here, with more exciting information on post-tensioning! A few months ago, I mentioned that finishing post-tension tendons was an area of special concern, since corrosion is very much the arch-enemy of post-tension tendons.  There are actually a lot of […]

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