The Components of Solar Hot Water – Collectors and Circulation

by EVstudio AEP June 19, 2018

In the world of solar hot water there are many names for systems that are identical or do similar things. It is important to know the basics and general components of any system one is working with. Once the basics are understood and mastered then […]

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Getting active about passive solar

by Dean Dalvit March 27, 2018

It’s time to talk about a technology that has been around since the origins of man. Actually, it predates man because most of the animal and even plant kingdom has been using this technology for millenia. What is it? Passive Solar. The term “solar” means […]

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Structural Considerations for Commercial Solar Panel Installation

by evstudio January 19, 2018

EVstudio was recently hired to consult on the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the Knights of Columbus Building in Thornton, Colorado. Many businesses are considering the addition of solar panels to their buildings not only to help offset their energy costs, but because […]

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The Sunshine Subsidy for Colorado’s Tollways

by Jim Houlette December 14, 2017
Thumbnail image for The Sunshine Subsidy for Colorado’s Tollways

Just over a year after switch-on and with two global awards under its belt, the longest solar-powered toll road in the US is generating heightened interest in highway applications of alternative energy. The E-470, which loops around the eastern perimeter of the Denver metropolitan area […]

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Great Resource for Solar PV and Hydronic Information

by Dean Dalvit August 28, 2017

In a time where it seems like everybody and their brother is now installing solar PV and hot water systems, and companies are coming and going like the dot-com flashes of the 90’s, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find reputable companies for Solar […]

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Understanding Project Construction Costs in Terms of Monthly Payments

by Dean Dalvit June 10, 2016

One of the most important program elements for every project is the project budget. While many people will make design decisions based on the bottom line cost, an increasingly popular trend these days is to calculate what the cost of that decision equates to on […]

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Installation Complete for Solar Panels on Arvada Annex Building

by evstudio April 29, 2011

EVstudio recently had the opportunity to observe the installation of the forty photo-voltaic panels atop the City of Arvada Annex Building. To maximize the potential for solar collection the use of an existing steel framed sight wall originally designed to screen the Annex’s roof top […]

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EVstudio Evaluates Structure of City of Arvada Annex Building for the Addition of Solar Panels

by evstudio March 5, 2011

EVstudio was recently hired to consult on the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the City of Arvada Annex building in Arvada, Colorado. Many local governments are considering the addition of solar panels to their buildings to help offset their energy costs and create […]

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EVstudio Designs Wattsun Solar Tracker Foundations for North Dakota Game and Fish Department Use

by evstudio February 8, 2011

EVstudio was contracted by Sun Spot Solar, LLC to design concrete pier-footing foundations for Wattsun AZ-225 model solar trackers. Solar trackers are an innovative way to maximize solar energy collection by motorizing the photo voltaic (PV) solar panels themselves to track the sun’s daily path […]

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Women In Design Event was Very Well Attended!

by EVstudio AEP November 9, 2010

Last week, I had the privilege of being one of the eight speakers at the fall 8×8 Event for Women In Design entitled “Designing with the Elements” at the Flower Garage in Denver. The entire event was very well put together and although I did […]

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Repowering Southern Colorado Expo at Colorado State University Pueblo

by EVstudio AEP August 11, 2010

John Olson, Landscape Architect at EVstudio, will be representing the Congress for the New Urbanism Colorado Chapter at the Repowering Southern Colorado Expo and Virtual Solar Tour this Saturday (8/14).  The event will be held at Colorado State University’s Pueblo campus from 9 am – 4 pm.  […]

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