It’s Okay to be a Little Shifty

by Dean Dalvit August 25, 2017

This post is for all of those framers who diligently adhered to a structural framing plan to the letter and wound up with more backout framing than they knew what to do with once the plumber and mechanical contractor had their way with the joists. […]

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Trus Joist Has Upgraded and Improved the Performance of TJI Silent Floor Joists

by Jim Houlette July 22, 2009

The design properties for TJI joists 110, 210 and 230 and have increased starting in 2009 which in turn allows the joists to span farther.  A typical TJI 210 at 16”o.c. meeting L/480 live load deflection (40psf live/10psf dead) can now span 19’-3” in lieu […]

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