What Do You Get When You Mix Thanksgiving with Engineers?

by Jim Houlette on November 28, 2010

Punkin Chunkin!!

A growing event that throws, flings, shoots pumpkins thousands of feet. The competition is broken into six different categories: trebuchet, air cannon, catapult, centrifugal, torsion, and theatrical.  My favorite group is the trebuchet. The event started in the early 80s by a small group and has now grown into a huge event in Delaware. Something I would love to attend one year.

During the holiday break the Science Channel is playing Punkin Chunkin hosted by the Mythbusters.  You can also check out more at Science Channel

Play the punkin chunkin game to test your skills at throwing pumpkins using a centrifugal machine, where speed and perfect timing is key.

Not much of a work related blog post, but during the holiday it seems fitting and educational.


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