Women In Design Event was Very Well Attended!

by EVstudio AEP on November 9, 2010

Last week, I had the privilege of being one of the eight speakers at the fall 8×8 Event for Women In Design entitled “Designing with the Elements” at the Flower Garage in Denver. The entire event was very well put together and although I did not actually count the number of attendees, the event was very well attended. There were certainly well over 100 people in the audience including both women and men. The panel included both women and men (well, man) as well, and featured the following speakers:

  • Lydia Ruyle ~ on Rammed Earth ~ an artist who has designed, built and lived in rammed earth homes in Greeley since the 1940’s.
  • Elicia Ratajczyk of EV Studio ~ on Passive Cooling & Passive Solar Design
  • Shannon Abote of Bella Glass Studio ~ on Fused Glass cast in Fire
  • Adele Wilson & Jennifer Cordes of SLATERPAULL Architects ~ on LEED Platinum conversion of Denver Fire Engine House No. 5
  • Laurel Raines of AECOM ~ on element-driven landscape architecture and land development projects
  • Suzanne Tegan of NREL ~ on Wind Energy for Communities
  • Nicole Delmage of Barrett Studio Architects ~ on “A Meaningful Look at the Land”, designing a site after the Four Mile Canyon Fire.
  • Mike Sukle of Sukle Advertising & Design ~ on the “Use Only What You Need” marketing campaign for Denver Water.

The event was an interesting and refreshing cross-section of the use of elements in design across the board. Thank you to Women In Design Denver for hosting this wonderful event and supporting women in Denver’s design world.


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