With EVstudio you’re getting a team with experience in architecture, engineering, budgeting, and management of hospitality spaces. Our team has designed hundreds of thousands of square feet of hospitality space and we also have principals who own and manage real estate space themselves bringing that perspective to your team.

EVstudio has provided assistance that is outside the traditional role of the architect and integrates all of the project needs into the design:

  • Pro forma development
  • Lease consulting
  • Market analysis
  • Project / building / business branding
  • Site and building signage
  • Campus planning
  • Facilities management
  • Risk management through design
  • Maintenance reduction through design
  • Capital fundraising campaigns for community or non-profit projects
  • Marketing leasable space
  • Grant writing
  • Building security
EVstudio has experience in full scope architectural and engineering disciplines:

  • Build to suit new construction
  • High performance spaces
  • Full or Partial Building renovation
  • Historic preservation
  • A wide range of occupancies and construction
  • types
  • Unusual programs and difficult building sites
  • Sustainable design and LEED certification
  • Visualization graphics
  • Building information modeling (BIM)

DSC_7399tThe design of high quality, well planned hospitality space directly results in business success. We understand how important it is to balance bookable square footage with construction costs in order to put together a successful project for just about any budget. We also understand how a building should function over the course of its life, the operating costs involved and how to maximize your investment with every design decision we make. Whether you are planning a full-scale luxury resort or a stand-alone vacation rental, we can help you.