EVstudio has experience with schools and performance spaces. Our recent work has included day cares, primary schools, middle schools and higher education. Our team has worked with private schools, charter schools and public schools.

DU Map with EV Projects

EVstudio has assisted both small organizations with their fundraising efforts as well as large universities to see major projects through construction and occupancy.

Working with both public and private institutions, EVstudio understands the unique needs and requirements for a wide variety of projects, whether they are for desperately needed renovations, additional space or entirely new buildings. The map shows (in red) all of the buildings that we’ve worked in at the University of Denver. We are currentley have several school projects on the boards and have won a contract for on-call services with Denver Public Schools for as-needed projects.

Schedule is always an important element in school design and construction. EVstudio will help construct a design and construction schedule so that the costs of relocation are minimal and classes can start on time and in the right place.

Schools and performances spaces need to be increasingly flexible to provide value to their users. Rooms must be conceived not just for the current need, but for future growth as well. Spaces may serve multipurpose duties to maximize the utilization of the space. EVstudio will work with you to get the right balance of flexibility and user specific design.