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EVstudio is interested in working with you on your small projects. We have the right team to help you, even with a very small budget and scope. In fact, one of the biggest advantages in working with a team that combines multiple disciplines is if your project needs a little architecture and a little structure you only have to hire one consultant.

EVstudio is a firm where principals are capable of creating construction documents. This means if you have a small project, the principal architect or engineer may be the only member of the project team. This results in shorter duration and keeps the fee reasonable.

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So, you’re probably asking “how small is small?” We have many projects where we do something as simple as write a letter for an hour’s billing or drive out and inspect something for two hour’s billing. We design code alterations, remodels, additions and many other projects with budgets under $50K.

We make small projects work by setting a fair fee for the work and completing it very quickly. While we have a medium size firm, each of our offices has a small firm setting. Go ahead and contact us and we’ll get you the solutions that you need for your small project.

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