Additional Expertise

Nothing niche about EVstudio. We are your design partners for any project type.

Does your project not fit within a conventional project type? Are you a non-profit in need of a partner who understands your challenges and can offer solutions? At EVstudio, we have the experience to assist you no matter if you are a municipality, non-profit, government agency, have a non-traditional use, or even a small project.

Additional Expertise

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

  • Government & Municipality's greatest asset. When budgets and schedules are on the top of your list of concerns, you need the advantage to ensure project success. You need EVstudio's in-house multidisciplinary design teams. One firm, endless opportunities to serve you.
  • Create the right choice of systems. Based on decades of combined experience, we optimize structural, mechanical and electrical systems for efficiency and functionality.
  • Small or unique projects are no problem. Sometimes you need additional design help for a small project. Sometimes your project is extremely out-of-the-box, and you need an expert in unconventional thinking. No matter the scope, or concept, we will provide you with design excellence and top-notch customer service.

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