K-12 Education

Not willing to rehash the design past. We seek innovation so your students can thrive in today's changing educational environment.

Proudly serving our public, private and charter schools since 2006, EVstudio prides itself on 21st-century school design that also offers the most advanced learning environment for our children.

Pre-K to Secondary Education Projects

The designers at EVstudio work hand-in-hand with you and Design Advisory Groups to achieve a new school campus, or renovation, that will not only meet the needs of your student population now but be flexible enough to adapt to growth and changing needs. From pre-kindergarten, Montessori, Waldorf to traditional education systems, we understand that the tools and programs in the education system are rapidly evolving and you need a facility that can change as your needs change. As your education partner, we put your needs first.

Inspiring future generations.

  • Summer construction timetables. We understand the importance of minimal disturbances to your students during construction. Our team of designers are well aware of the strict summer construction availability and will work hard to meet your deadlines. We will also advise you when work can be done during non-summer months to save you construction costs and schedule headaches.
  • School safety. We are living in a time when the safety of the staff and students is of the utmost importance. Rest assured that we have trained designers that know how to blend innovative design with specialty technologies creating safer facilities.
  • Ensure efficiency of circulation. We design all projects to creatively account for required circulation, including transportation areas, sidewalks, stairs, gathering areas, and corridors.
  • Create the right choice of systems. Based on decades of combined experience, we optimize structural, mechanical and electrical systems for efficiency, and functionality.
  • Sustainable design options. Sustainability is a core strength and something we can prioritize when crafting your education facility.

How can we help create your ideal education space?