Civil Engineering with In-House Surveyor means Cost Savings

by EVstudio AEP on May 30, 2019

Being licensed as both professional engineers and professional land surveyors allows us to offer significant cost savings and drastically helps improve the efficiency of our projects. For example, when we do a site visit at the start of a project we are already thinking about what surveying services are going to be required in order to complete the civil engineering that is needed for that particular project. To that end, we make sure our clients are not paying for what we call “overkill” surveying. In this competitive marketplace there is no need for clients to pay for a surveyor to map three times the required land and spend days upon days of drafting the field data if in the end only a small portion of the mapping was required for the engineering scope. Being licensed in both disciplines helps us understand the big picture and pass the time and money savings onto our clients!


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