Dishwashers, Laundry and Mops in Healthcare

As the Healthcare industry continues to change and evolve base on demographics and the governmental regulations, healthcare organizations are becoming more efficient.  Large hospital facilities are moving to a satellite outpatient clinics.  As the US demographics change with the boomers aging, institutions are looking more like home than the sterile institutional hospitals of the past.  Institutions are promoting best processes to prevent (HAIs) hospital associated infections.

One product in the market to combat these HAIs are dishwashers.  Today’s commercial dishwashers sanitize and disinfect rather that only wash. More information on disinfectant commercial dishwashers can be found:


The way that hospitals clean and launder is also evolving. New laundry systems developed in Europe use honeycomb drums with minute drain holes to create cushions in the fabric as the drum rotates.  In older washing machine systems, fabrics would penetrate the drain holes reducing fabrics lifespan.

For more information on commercial washers:


Microfiber mops are constructed to collect bacteria, dust and debris.  They are much more absorbent than cotton mops  that may hold bacteria and require harsh chemicals like bleach.  These microfiber mops are designed to handle up to 500 wash cycles and must be cleaned carefully, that extend their return on investment.  The process of cleaning, disinfecting, and returning mops back into use has become more simple and efficient.

For more reading on case study microfiber mops:

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