Lighting Design brings your project into focus

Don’t you wish there was one place you could go to take care of all your building design solutions?  Rest easy, you’ve found it.  To compliment our talented and driven team of architects, engineers, and planning professionals, EVstudio can now complete your building design repertoire with Lighting Design!

At EVstudio, we believe that lighting design and electrical engineering go hand-in-hand.  It takes technical expertise and training to understand the complexity of electrical systems, controls, and energy efficient solutions.  We work regularly with various building and energy codes to ensure that your solution incorporates the most efficient use of light, power distribution, and coordination with other building systems.

Lighting Design – A great lighting professional must have “peripheral vision” to create an inviting and functional environment.  Along with intimate knowledge of lighting solutions, this requires an understanding of electrical systems, space planning, interior finishes, ceiling construction, mechanical system design, and landscape architecture.  EVstudio has created an environment of cross-disciplinary collaboration to ensure that your lighting system has been optimized with all building elements, interior, and exterior, in mind.

EVstudio Lighting Design services include:

  • Interior lighting and control system design
  • Integrated home control solutions
  • Emergency egress lighting system design
  • Exterior lighting and control system design including photometric layouts
  • Existing lighting conditions analysis
  • Energy usage and code analysis
  • Lighting retrofit and financial payback analysis
  • ComCheck energy compliance documentation
  • LEED credit documentation
  • Construction document creation including performance specifications
  • Electrical code analysis
  • Construction administration

For more information about our services as they relate to your specific project or industry in general, please contact us.  We would love to help!