The City of Denver MultiFamily Development Process

by EVstudio AEP January 29, 2019

If you live in Denver or have driven through it recently, you probably are more than aware that multifamily development is BOOMING in the City of Denver. I will use the word “multifamily” to define any apartment, townhome, or condo development. If the current City […]

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Mixed Use Developments in Texas

by EVstudio AEP September 28, 2018

Mixed use buildings are ones that usually house commercial spaces on the first floor (the public zone), and residential above. This formula has always been normal practice for urban spaces throughout history. Traditionally business owners would run their businesses and live above them. This idea […]

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Very Narrow Unit Plans for Apartments, Townhomes and Condos

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP February 14, 2018

Typically residential units are 20′ wide or wider but on occasion we design units that are much narrower. The example above is only 13′ wide (4 meters) with a total living area of 1,200 square feet or about 120 square meters. This is a townhome […]

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Iron Horse Subdivision Project In Winter Park, CO

by Alex Pappas, EIT February 14, 2018

There is a lot of exciting construction going on in Winter Park right now. The town is exploding along Route 40 with the new South Sitzmark development that many in the area have become familiar with. For those that don’t know, we at EVstudio have […]

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Denver Townhomes and Accessibility Points: Part 1 of a Series

by EVstudio AEP December 29, 2017

When individuals, and developers alike, contemplate taking on the construction of a new project, there are many aspects that must be considered. While most know the basic that need to be covered (who will the team consist of, what type of budget is allowable, who […]

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The Grove Lofts on Montropolis Construction Progress

by EVstudio AEP February 5, 2016

Last week I did a site visit on one of our multi-family projects under construction in South Austin. The Groves Lofts is a design build project we work with  Richmond, Virgina based McCann Reality Patners. The project consists of 156 units that are spread across […]

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New Pictures of Condos in Canada

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP January 21, 2015

We’ve done a series of three condominium buildings in Canada. Needless to say the regulations surrounding condominiums in Canada are far less onerous than the environment in the US. These images of the first 66 unit building with a parking podium were recently sent to […]

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