Douglas County Drainage, Erosion, and Sediment Control Process (DESC)

by Wesley Cordes February 28, 2014

Douglas County Drainage, Erosion, and Sediment Control (DESC) is a program integrated into Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control (GESC) that provides compliance with environmental and construction regulations and activities. A Drainage, Erosion, and Sediment Control permit will provide compliance with all Federal, State, and local […]

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CNU’s Highways to Boulevards Initiatives

by Sean O'Hara February 23, 2014

I recently was part of a conversation with the Congress for the New Urbanism’s President, John Norquist, about the proposed changes to the elevated section of I-70 in Denver. He pointed us to the CNU Highways to Boulevards Initiative website. There are several great examples […]

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A Bump-Out for Traffic Calming and Storm Water Management

by John W. Olson February 4, 2014

Bump-outs (also known as “curb extensions“) have become commonplace in many subdivisions across the country.  They are also common in the existing neighborhoods as a means of traffic-calming.  The purpose is to provide an additional element in protecting the vehicles parked on the street and enabling shorter, […]

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Planning for Housing and Community Development

by evstudio January 31, 2014

This post comes from Stephanie O’Hara, Planner Analyst for EVstudio. Immediately prior to joining EVstudio she worked for Jefferson County, Colorado for 6 years in various planning roles. EVstudio looks for planning opportunities in both the public and private sector: While working at Jefferson County […]

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The Neighborhood Unit: How Does Perry's Concept Apply to Modern Day Planning?

by John W. Olson December 7, 2013

False interpretations of Perry’s concept have conceived segregation of land uses, further validating the modern-day road classification system and unfortunately created an auto-centric society in today’s first ring and outward suburban communities.

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How to Avoid Master Plans that Collect Dust – Public Participation

by John W. Olson December 2, 2013

Too often, written documents, or master plans tend to accumulate dust without being implemented.  This can be a very frustrating process for the both the governing entity who commissions the master plan process and for the consultant who writes the master plan.  I have noted […]

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A Bicycle City Requires Bicycle Infrastructure

by John W. Olson November 18, 2013

Many communities are not currently structured to support everyday cycling.  However, in a lot of instances it can be as simple as evaluating the importance of vehicular lane width and the approach of just adding paint.  Cities along the Front Range of Colorado have bicycle-friendly […]

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Separation of Top of Foundation Wall and Adjacent Exterior Grade

by evstudio November 14, 2013

One of the most commonly asked questions to the structural department involved the required distance between the top of a foundation wall and the adjacent exterior grade. The 2009 International Residential Code requires a minimum of 6 inches of separation where brick veneer is not […]

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John Olson from EVstudio – Interview on CNTV

by EVstudio AEP October 2, 2013
Thumbnail image for John Olson from EVstudio – Interview on CNTV

John Olson, the director of our Colorado Springs office, was recently interviewed by CNTV. This is the video where he talks about the firm history and our approach to our projects small and large. John’s a planner and landscape architect and there are also some […]

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Building Boom in Williston North Dakota

by Dean Dalvit October 2, 2013
Thumbnail image for Building Boom in Williston North Dakota

Many of us have heard about the oil boom in the Northern states following the new technologies making it more cost effective to extract resources from the  Bakken oil field that stretches from South Dakota up into Saskatchewan, but few in the lower states really […]

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Surveys and site layouts

by Sean O'Hara September 26, 2013

One of the first steps in a building design is analyzing the existing site to understand its opportunities and its challenges. This necessitates having a survey of the site. Therefore I will usually suggest that clients get a survey immediately after our first meeting. Once […]

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Feasibility Studies – Look Before You Leap

by Matt Weigers September 23, 2013

You wouldn’t buy a house without an inspection or a car without a test drive would you?  It makes sense that before you commit yourself to such an important investment you want to make sure that what you are buying meets your expectations and needs; […]

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