attic ventilation

Calculating Attic Ventilation to Comply with the IBC

by EVstudio AEP December 14, 2018

Enclosed attic spaces for buildings that fall under the IBC are required to be ventilated.  These spaces are formed where ceilings are applied directly to the underside of roof framing members.  IBC 1203.2 requires 1/150th of the attic area to be ventilated but there is […]

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Vent and Insulation Clearance in the 2009 IRC

by Kacy Landsittel April 27, 2017
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For rafter framed or truss framed roof construction, not only is ventilation of these cavities required by the 2009 International Residential Code, but a minimum air flow clearance is required to maintain the path of ventilation. Per the 2009 IRC, Chapter 8, Section 806.3, here […]

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