Common Egress Window Sizes and Operation

by Sean O'Hara September 28, 2018

I recently posted an article on the rules behind egress windows. I realize that knowing the rules doesn’t necessarily mean that you know the most common window sizes for each different window operation. So here are the basics and some links to the Anderson Window […]

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Egress Windows and Emergency Escape

by Sean O'Hara October 5, 2017

The International Residential Code spells out a number of code requirements for egress windows and emergency escape in houses and other residential buildings. First, you’re required to have at least one egress window or door in a basement and in every bedroom. If you have […]

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When Do You Need More Than One Door? – Spaces That Require More Than One Means of Egress

by Sean O'Hara April 27, 2017

The 2006 International Building Code spells out the conditions where you are required to have two or more exits or as I prefer to see it, where you can have only one exit from a space. Generally the requirements are straight forward but there are […]

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Egress Windows Swinging In – Acceptable in Building Code

by Sean O'Hara July 11, 2009

The International Building and Residential Codes do not specify that egress windows have to swing out. The codes only specify the opening size and location required for the window. In fact, with the European tilt and turn window, they only open in. I received this […]

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