At EVstudio, we’re a firm with values, we call them EValues.

Demand Quality and Excellence – We expect no less then the best out of ourselves and our co-workers.

Deliver High Service – EVstudio is a professional services Firm. The lifeblood of our business is to deliver the highest quality service to all our clients at all times. We also strive to Deliver High Service to each other internally, and support our team for the betterment of our projects and ourselves.

Communicate Continuously – Communication is key to EVstudio’s success, and we utilize several communication tools to accomplish this goal. We communicate both outwardly to clients and public as well as inwardly to our teams. We understand what is important for everyone on the team to know and relay it in a timely manner.

Value Intelligence and Creativity – As professionals it is our duty to provide value through our intelligence and creativity on every task. Aside from obligatory continuing education that is required to maintain licensure or professional affiliation, our culture is characterized by a love for lifelong learning and constantly growing our skills in every capacity. We sponsor regular lunch and learns, we train each other, and we constantly push each other to read, learn and grow within our professions both intellectually as well as creatively.

Embody Passion – Every individual at EVstudio is very passionate about what we do. EVstudio is an industry leader because we truly have a passion for our business and the impact we can make, regardless of which discipline we may specifically serve.

Trust the Team – Success is a team effort at EVstudio and we work together on all projects and trust each other to deliver the highest quality in all aspects of our respective roles. Trusting the Team involves mutual respect, regardless of role on a project and genuine consideration of EVeryone’s ideas. Additionally, Trusting the Team also requires supporting the team and helping others to succeed as they will in turn help you.

Embrace Change – EVstudio is an ever-changing environment. It is important to embrace change to stay current with industry trends and projects. EVstudio is a young and growing firm. Company policies, work settings, responsibilities and expectations will continue to evolve and change and the EVstudio team embraces these changes and contributes to them.

Play! – EVstudio encourages that all employees take time to “Play” both in and outside of the workday. It is important to the Company that all employees enjoy what they do and to take joy in their work. EVstudio hosts numerous EVents outside of the office and many team members interact socially both during and outside of the workday.

Spread Positive Attitude – EVstudio fosters a highly positive environment, and encourages all employees to support, encourage, and inspire one-another. Criticism shall always be constructive. Negative, disparaging comments about projects, clients or other team members is highly discouraged. We converse, we don’t complain.

Be Courageous – Our work requires Courage. Measured risk taking with our ideas spawns innovation and we’re not afraid to innovate. We try new things and refuse to be intimidated by things that are outside our comfort zone. Courage does not mean reckless, however. We are responsible and we uphold our professional responsibility to become knowledgeable on the subjects of our innovation. We are thought leaders and we lead by example.

And of course, this as well:
The EVision is our guiding mission, both individually and collectively. It is the driving force behind the meaningful work that we do and how we relate it to the world around us:

Make a great IMPACT on our Built Environment, our Clients, and Each Other. It is our mission to do something GREAT. Something bigger than ourselves. We accomplish that with the combined strength of our team when everyone practices the EValues. Through the EValues, we change the world with each Project we complete, for a great IMPACT when multiplied by the number of project types, disciplines and locations over the years of our individual careers.