Bar & Barber

The Bar & Barber project was a tenant improvement located in Old Town Meridian. This building had been abandoned for years and was once known as the Meridian Saddle shop. neUdesign worked with the owner and City in collaboration to create an amazing new space.  while keeping the historical elements of the building intact we were able to bring the building back to life. Our overall design goal was to enhance the history rather than demolishing it. The building is constructed from masonry and wood framing with new retrofitting to aid the building’s ability to comply with current life safety codes and requirements.   The architectural characteristics of the building have taken inspiration from traditional English pubs and old school barber shop styles and have morphed the ideas into one traditional yet modern exterior. The architectural character is based on functional needs as well as traditional historical styles to mesh into meridian’s historical downtown.
The Whiskey Bar is known as the Roosevelt, modeled around Teddy Roosevelt, showcasing an ambient environment that takes visitors back in time. Guests have the option of gathering and visiting in the unique handcrafted booths or out on the exterior patio enjoying snacks from the food truck.
Adjacent to the Bar is the Old school barber shop known as Barclay and Hill. The barber shop showcases a flash back in time with beautiful English furniture and original vintage barber shop chairs.
The Bar and Barber will be one of our favorite projects and we are so honored to have been part of the team!