The Dream Team for Your Dream Project

From exciting renovations to brand new construction from the ground up, neUdesign has the expert staff to help get any job done effectively. We believe in working as partners and earning your trust through reliable, efficient, and excellent work. Planning for a big upcoming project can be daunting, but with experts across the industry, our team is excited to help make your vision a reality.

Our success comes from combining the small town charm and personality of a local Idaho business with the inspiration and creativity of a company that operates all over the world. As we continue to grow and distinguish ourselves in the industry, we are excited at what we will accomplish with each new project. Interested in hearing more about our work? Explore the links below to see what kinds of projects we work on, how we can manage your project, and what kind of financial options are available to you.

Architectural Services

Our architects can help take an idea and turn it into a plan using advanced techniques like 3D modeling and Virtual Reality immersion experiences. We are ready to help make your next renovation, addition, or brand new project the best it can be. Our team can assist with building codes and safety analysis, ADA compliance and many are NCARB Certified Professionals.

Planning ahead is something we excel at. We can help any client create a roadmap to accomplish their projects through master planning, site planning, feasibility studies, and programming/needs analysis. We can also help with spatial planning for interior design needs!

Not Just a Pretty Face

Sure, we make projects look great on the outside, but we don’t stop there. We are focused on making sure the project is affordable, reasonable to construct, and founded upon a process that is effective and service oriented. We can also help with the interior of your project by working with you to find the right colors and materials, furnishings, equipment, and interior design to suit your style. With 3D modeling techniques and new Virtual Reality opportunities, we can help give you a peek into what the finished product will look like with surprising reality.


At neUdesign, we want to find the process and management path that work best for you, which is why we offer variety and support in how we/you approach each project. With traditional, partnership and construction management approaches, we support our clients with flexibility and knowledge in understanding the best path forward for them. All the while, we provide industry experts who can offer guidance and insight.


Much as we offer variety with our project management, we also offer support in understanding multiple choices of contracts. This allows people to identify the path that works best for their budget and for the specific project. In some cases, a client may have a very strict budget. In others, there is more flexibility that allows for the possibility of extra savings but the potential of extra overhead.