Renovation & Unique Projects

Architecture Engineering Clock Tower Aurora Highlands

Do you have a building that needs to be re-imagined for a new use or remodeled to serve your users better? Renovation projects, including projects with a change of use, deal with Existing Building codes, and small changes can often spiral out of control. EVstudio has the creative minds to produce a building renaissance you seek.

EVstudio is also interested in working with you on your small project and unique projects. We have the right team to help you, even with a minimal budget and scope. In fact, one of the biggest advantages in working with a team that combines multiple disciplines is if your project needs minimal architecture and engineering scope, you only have to hire one consultant. Some projects do not fit in a traditional project type classification. Since our teams have a wide array of experience, we are the best equipped to handle any unique projects you may have. If you have a new idea or have a unique project in need of renovation, we will work hand-in-hand with you through the design process.