The Lookout on Cragmor

Architecture Engineering Multifamily Cragmoor

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) required additional housing to support their ever-growing student population that wanted to live on or close to campus. The Lookout on Cragmor is a 5-story apartment building featuring 71 units that feature one to four-bedroom units. At lower than average construction costs, The Lookout was a positive solution that allowed UCCS to house students while being as close to campus as possible. Each student has individual access to their bedroom with a shared living room and kitchen areas. This particular student housing building also provides office space and a fitness center for student residents. Using EVstudio’s in-house multiple disciplines allowed the client to stay on budget while also providing high-design solutions attractive to today’s students.

The design of this student housing project is both modern and keeps in mind the safety of the students living in the building. Energy efficiency is a high priority for the University, so components such as high-efficiency lighting systems, hydronic heating, and building overhangs to provide solar shading were put in place in the design phase. Each unit was also given its own meter so it can be separately metered and served from a meter bank located on that floor.

Client: Newsome Development

Specifications: Wood frame  |  81,905 GSF with 71 units

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