Assisted Living

Family and Assisted Use Toilets instead of Separate Facilities

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP April 8, 2016

In most buildings you need to have separate restrooms (facilities) for male and female users. So technically, doing a pair of unisex restrooms isn’t allowed. However, in the 2012 IBC there is an exception 2902.2.1 for family or assisted-use toilet facilities. This is great for […]

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Residential Occupancy Group as Defined in the International Building Code

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP July 1, 2009

One of the first steps in any building project is evaluation of the appropriate occupancy group. This drives building size, building height, construction type, exiting and fire separations. Residential Group R is the occupancy group used for buildings that include sleeping rooms and are not […]

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