Building Technology

Consider Closed Cell Spray Foam for your Thermal Envelope

by Dean Dalvit, AIA, PE March 29, 2019

Our projects range across commercial and residential building types and climates from cold and dry high alpine environments above 10,000 feet to hot and humid sites below 1,000 feet. One very important element to consider in every design is the thermal envelope. This is composed of the […]

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Living a Radiant Life – Understanding Radiant Heat Transfer in Buildings

by Dean Dalvit, AIA, PE September 28, 2018

Radiant Energy. Something that is so widely misunderstood, and yet has such a tremendous impact on our daily comfort. I have been doing some home study and experimentation in the field of radiant heat transfer in the context of a typical home’s heating and cooling […]

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Review of New Weyerhaeuser iPhone Application

by evstudio August 13, 2018
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iPhoned individuals may be interested to know that Weyerhaeuser has released a productive alternative to Fruit Ninja in the form of a deck beam sizing application (available from the Apple App Store here). This application requires only three inputs from the user to size a […]

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Patella Residence, Exploring a ‘Roughed-In’ Structure

by Kacy Landsittel October 8, 2009

I recently visited the Patella Residence to see how construction was coming along. The framed structure is complete and currently a variety of trades and installers are involved in furthering its completion by ‘roughing-in’ various components. The fact that these components are ‘roughed-in’ means that […]

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