Team Members

Brian Welch, P.E.

With around a decade in AE firms, Brian brings with him the drive and passion for helping take the EVstudio Civil Department to the next level.

Brian grew up with two loves: baseball and construction. He worked for six years as a carpenter building homes and prides himself on being overly competitive with any sport involving a ball. This attention to detail and drive has helped Brian accomplish some amazing work in the civil engineering arena. Brian tackles challenging projects such as 1000+ acre silica mine, 15,000+ head of cattle dairy, to elementary/middle/high/collegiate facilities including multiple athletic complexes. He has also used his experience with home construction to aid him in civil work for multi-family and student housing projects eclipsing over 2000 beds in the last three years alone. Industrial is not out of Brian’s reach either and has experience with large 500,000 sf facilities. To quote Brian, “If it is outdoors he wants to do it!”

Brian does not believe in letting the grass grow under his feet and is currently licensed in multiple states and an NCEES Record Holder. If there is a project need in another state Brian will do whatever it takes to get licensed there so he can help support his clients.


Bachelor of Science
Civil Engineering
Minnesota State University


Licensed Engineer in CO, MN, IA, NE, VA and ID
NCEES Member in CO, MN and IA


Englewood High School
Addenbrooke Classical Academy
Marshdale Park
City Center West